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A gambling operator may obtain a license for a casino, games hall, bingo grass, totaliser or betting rate, after receiving a gambling authorisation.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In order to receive a licence for casinos, games medicine, bingo grass, totaliser or betting rates, an application shall be submitted to the Monitoring Inspectorate for lotteries and gambling, to which the following shall be added:

    1. The permission of the local government to organise gambling in specific premises;
    A local government permit is not required if a casino plans to open at a four - or five-star hotel.

    2. A true copy of the Land Register compartment, which certifies the property rights to premises in which gambling is intended to be organised;

    3. A floor plan for the opening of the gambling site, indicating the spaces where gambling will be organised;

    4. A development plan for the location of gambling;

    5. Information regarding the person responsible for the place of organising the gambling (administrator) (not to be submitted for obtaining a licence for the location of betting and betting rates);

    6. A statement attesting the conformity of the place of the organisation of gambling with the requirements of regulatory enactments in force on public buildings and buildings (not to be submitted for the receipt of a licence for the place of acceptance of a totaliser and betting rate).

  2. Payment
    The gambling maker shall, after receipt of a decision regarding the issuance of a gambling organisation site licence, pay the gambling fee in the amount specified in the decision and in the specified time period in the Treasury settlement account.

    The gambling fee for issuing a casino licence is EUR 30 000;
    The gambling fee for issuing a gambling license is EUR 4 500;
    The gambling fee for issuing a bingo license is EUR 4 500;
    The gambling fee for issuing a licence for the location of betting or betting rates shall be EUR 2 000.

  3. Receipt of services
    After payment of the gambling fee, the gambling maker shall be licensed to organise the gambling.

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